Improving Care for Kids

A Shared Commitment to Improving Care for Kids

KidWell Network is a physician-led clinically integrated network of providers and health care systems dedicated exclusively to kids. We recently rebranded to KidWell from Delaware Valley Children’s Network to more strongly convey our commitment to improving children’s care through wellness and prevention, coordination of services and data-driven decision making. Our goal: collaborating across Delaware and beyond to develop and implement evidence-based, data-driven clinical initiatives that improve outcomes, increase efficiency and access, and reduce costs. Together we will prepare for the future of value-based health care — providing high-quality care to kids of all ages and an enhanced experience for patients, their families and providers.

Better Care. Healthier Kids. Reduced Costs.

  • better outcomes — healthier children across the state, from birth through adolescence
  • increased focus on preventive care
  • improved, more proactive care coordinated across the continuum of primary, specialty and inpatient care
  • increased access to care and support services for all children’s conditions — acute and chronic, simple and complex
  • reduced redundancies and gaps in care

Benefits to Participating Providers

  • clinical integration amongst network participants
  • focus on quality over volume
  • shared resources and processes (e.g., population health management IT software, clinical standard pathways, quality data and reporting)
  • shared savings (e.g., group purchasing to reduce overhead from vaccines, equipment, etc.)
  • jointly negotiated managed care contracts — aligning payments and incentives with performance and care quality

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A CIN is a group of physicians working together in an established arrangement to deliver efficient, affordable, coordinated care to patients. CINs share many similarities with accountable care organizations (ACOs) in that both are characterized by a network of physicians, hospitals, and/or other health care providers working together to improve care, enhance the patient experience, and lower costs all with the intent of helping children live healthier lives.

  • The U.S. health care system is based on a fee-for-service approach, one that prioritizes illness over wellness. It’s essentially a dynamic that pays providers based on volume and treatment. Value-based care turns this arrangement on its head, so to speak, with the goal of compensating providers for keeping people healthy. Fortunately, value-based care is starting to gain momentum, which is why CINs like the KidWell Network are serving more patients.

  • The KidWell Network is the first and only statewide CIN dedicated exclusively to children. By creating an all-inclusive view of our patients’ health using data from clinical and claims systems, it allows for much stronger integration between your child’s PCP and specialists. This improved coordination of care results in higher quality outcomes, lower costs, and healthier children overall.

  • Health care providers in the KidWell Network have access to comprehensive information about your child which is used to make more informed decisions about his/her care. In the KidWell Network, the value of the care delivered to patients is the priority, not the volume of patients or the number of procedures done. This type of value-based care is a win for all involved; for patients, it means having access to the right care at the right time, in the right place including preventive services and well-child visits as well as the most sophisticated medical and surgical specialties.